Swiss Type Needle Loom Machine

Swiss Type Needle Loom Machine


Narrow fabric needle loom, narrow fabric looms, plain needle loom, narrow looms

NDF Needle Loom Machine
NDF Needle Loom Machine
Narrow fabric needle loom with KY
Narrow fabric needle loom with KY

Swiss Type Needle Loom Machine application for high density and weaved smooth edge with webbing width from min 15mm to max 220mm for general ribbon, such as elastic, bra straps, etc. For special webbing likes seatbelt that compliance with specifications, hook and loop and velvet. High efficiency, less noise, production smoothly, CE standard and is easy to adjust the needle loom machine proprietary features.

Elastic and non - elastic band, curtain header, bra-straps, plain ribbon and printed label, bandage, hook and loop, etc.


  • Newly design stand and side plate provide strong stability of the machine which increased the speed and the production capacity.
  • By using the common size shedding lever, it can reduced the working pressure and noise of the machine, it can also increase the machine stability and life time.
  • By moving the shedding frame forward 10mm, it can increase the height of the shedding frame for producing thicker tape, it can also shorten the time of adjustment and improve the efficiency.
  • The cover of the machine is made by ABS material and a front cover are added to meet the international CE standard.
  • The tension spring of the frame has change to covered design to increase the tension and the life time of the spring as well as the life time of the shedding frame and the machine.
  • The dropper sensor has changed to the micro relay to increase the sensitive of the dropper.
  • The yarn feeder's plate has redesign to steel spring, it will be more smoothly for the yarn passes at high speed.
Needle Loom Accessories
The needle looms quality spare parts what forward-displacing head frames make for big shedding that ensures easy-use and high-efficiency. Universal shedding levers are shared, and low load, less noise and more steadiness coexist well. Guiding plate leads to a quality product without loss of efficiency. Both of support walls are grounded to ensure steady running. Also, optional function devices are available.

Spare Parts Requirements

If you have spare parts requirements, please fill out the form with "Spare Parts Inquiry" and provide ID number of the machine. And also provied the part number according to the parts manual, the parts quantity, photos or provide a sample of the parts. Will be served by a business specialist.

Function Device

  • Shedding Frame Assem.
  • Shedding Lever Axle Assem.
  • Tape Plate Bracket (30、45、55、65、80、110)
  • Cam Shaft Assem.
  • Axle/Reed Assem.
  • Latch Lever Assem.
  • Latch Needle Alex Assem.
  • Take-off Roller Assem.
  • Pressure Roller Assem.
  • Feeder Drive Assem.
  • Holder/Weft Spring
  • Bracket Support Assem.

Optional Function Device

  • Double take off roller
  • Single take off roller
  • Double weft double latch needle
  • Double weft single latch needle
  • Double warp picot
  • Double weft picot system
  • Double weft double binder
  • Double weft single binder
  • Single weft single binder
  • Single weft double binder
  • Extra large shedding lever
  • Leno attachment
  • Rubber feeder
  • Back take off device
  • Front take off device
  • CE Certification
  • Double-decker device
  • Double weft and double latch needle for curtain tape device
  • Check tape device











NDF 2/1352135mm14-18481.5KW600-800
NDF 2/1652165mm14-18481.5KW600-800
NDF 2/2202220mm16482.5KW400-500INVERTER
NDF 4/65465mm16-18481.5KW1200-1400
NDF 6/45645mm16-20481.5KW1200-1400
NDF 6/50650mm16-20481.5KW1200-1400
NDF 8/27827mm16-20481.5KW1200-1400
NDF 8/15815mm16-20481.5KW1200-1400DWT
NDV 2/1352135mm10CAM2.5KW600-800NDV Velcro Tape
NDV 2/1752175mm10CAM2.5KW600-800
NDF-TDM 4/65465mm14401.5KW750-900TDM Checker Tape
NDF-TDM 6/45645mm14401.5KW750-900
NDF-TDM 8/27827mm14401.5KW750-900

*We have a variety of machinery can produce elastic or non-elastic ribbons, curtains, bandages ,etc. According to the customer's sample, including width, thickness, material, application, function and output. Make it easy for you to produce massively by auto control. Meanwhile guarantee the stability and quality. Fill in the online form to learn more about Kyang Yhe or you can download EDM to know more about technical parameter data.


  • Curtain Heading - Curtains Tape or curtain heading tape
    Curtain Heading
    Curtain Tape

    Curtains heading also known as curtain tapes are a way of customizing and styling blinds and draperies so that the overall width of the fabric is reduced, creating a range of pleats or folds. Pretty average curtains, drapes or pelmets can get a huge upgrade in style when enhanced with the perfect heading tape. KY machine offers a wide range of curtain header tapes with varying widths to enhance curtains or blinds with perfect effects of pleating, gathering ruffling or stiffening, transforming a room into one of the homes greatest assets.KY needle loom machine offers a wide range of curtain header tapes with varying widths to enhance curtains or blinds with perfect effects of pleating, gathering ruffles or stiffening, transforming a room into one of the home's greatest assets. Make it easy for you to produce massively by auto control. Meanwhile guarantee the stability and quality. Fill in the online form to learn more about Kyang Yhe.

  • Mattress Tape - Mattress Tape
    Mattress Tape
    Mattress binding tape, mattress tape edge

    Mattress tape sometimes is called binding tape, closing tape or mattress tape edge. It has a knit or woven construction, a sealed edge and traditionally is used to close a seam on a bed and also embellish. Include as a decorative border overlay, elaborately embellished mattress handle, logo and brand messenger on point-of-sale items and as super-thick tape-edge.Mattress tapes are offered in an array of widths, colors, designs, textures, constructions and finishes. Such as straight stripes, twills, diamond, chessboards, waves, etc., and even with trademarks. Among them, the twill is more commonly used in the mattress tape, so it is also called the twill tape.

  • Luggage Straps - Luggage Straps
    Luggage Straps
    Luggage belt, suitcase straps, travel straps

    Luggage straps also called luggage belt, suitcase straps or travel straps, is one of the travel accessories, with polypropylene belt and plastic buckle can securely bind one or more suitcases, rolling duffels, and uprights closed, that to make sure your luggage will not fall apart.Luggage straps have various kinds to choose, making your luggage more personality, and distinguished. Color for straps from monochrome to multi color, can use print personalized pattern or weave the logo. The buckle can choose with a combination lock to protect your luggage, even have a label to tag username. Because of the beautiful color and useful, so it is the best partner on the journey.

  • Backpack Straps - Backpack Straps
    Backpack Straps
    Shoulder straps, sternum straps, compression straps

    Backpack straps are usually used in backpacking packs, hiking packs, summit packs (Day packs), climbing packs , mountaineering packs or general backpacks, etc. The application scope of backpack straps is shoulder straps, chest straps (sternum straps), compression straps for backpack side, waist adjustment straps and hand carry straps.The material used is usually polypropylene (PP) or nylon, with a variety of colors. The backpack straps used in hiking packs usually use a single color, and the general backpack shoulder straps can be used in monochrome or jacquard to highlight the characteristics of the backpack.

  • Pet leash - Pet leash
    Pet leash
    Tracking leash, Training leash

    Pet leash also known as a tracking leash or training leash, is divided into pet lead line and pet harnesses. Pet leash is a kind of rope or similar material that can be used to control animals by connecting them to collars, harnesses, or harnesses. In terms of material, the most commonly used tough nylon is less likely to be bitten and torn by pets, and it can also make pets more comfortable to use.In the pet leash, it can be divided into flat belts (pet lead line) or round rope belts (pet lead rope). Pet lead line weave by plain, are usually woven by a needle loom machine, and the cushioning (shock absorbing) function will be set according to the size of the pet. It is commonly used in Large dog traction rope. The pet lead rope weave by round rope, are usually woven by braiding machine, that function is more used for training pets, in order to prevent pets from bursting and restraining them. The color of the chest strap (pet harnesses or collar harness) of the pet is usually consistent with that of the leash.

  • Bandage - Bandage
    Crepe bandage, gauze bandage, elastic bandage

    Medical bandages are mainly used to wrap, stabilize and protect surgical or injured parts. When dealing with most daily injuries and accidents, using the correct bandage for any first aid can effectively protect the wound and prevent infection. There are many types of bandages, from ordinary cloth strips to special bandages designed for specific limbs or body parts, which have different uses according to the characteristics of the bandage, and the bandages of different characteristics have different weaving machines.

  • Abdominal Support Binder - Abdominal Support Binder
    Abdominal Support Binder
    Abdominal Belt

    The abdominal support binder is a kind of elastic band. Abdominal support binder main function is to protect the wound. Since the abdominal surgery will leave a wound in the abdomen, the role of the girdle is to protect the wound and give the site a certain amount of pressure to reduce the chance of wound pain and re-infection, and help the relaxed abdominal muscles and pelvis return to their original positions.

  • Lumbar Support Belt - Lumbar Support Belt
    Lumbar Support Belt
    Back supports

    Lumbar support belt also known as back supports, is a type of elastic band. Lumbar support belt main function is to assist the waist muscles to support the spine, reduce the pressure on the waist muscles and spine joints, and limit the movement of the joints, thereby achieving the effect of relieving pain.

  • Elasitc Ribbon - Elastic Ribbon
    Elasitc Ribbon

    The elastic ribbon is a flat and narrow fabric with elastic elongation characteristics. Its structure can be plain, double deck, double wrap and jacquard. Elastic ribbon is widely used as clothing, accessories and widely used in clothing, cuffs, Hems, bras, socks, waistbands, corsets, shoe openings, and sports bodyguards and medical bandages, handicrafts, office stationery, industrial supplies, and household items.

  • Woven Label - Woven Label
    Woven Label

    Woven label is a little piece of fabric, produce by continuing as a tape. Each fabric is printed serial number, factory, nationality, specification, the size are depending on the demand.About the label tape divided into jacquard label or printed label. Jacquard label uses high-count, color or non- color yarn, raw silk, nylon, rayon, elastic, chenille yarns as weft yarn, and made by the multi-color jacquard label loom machine. The width range is 8 to 80 mm. And then cut by heat knife with label slitting machine.Printed label is made of high-count yarn, polyester yarn, nylon, or rayon as warp, weaving germinal bands with plain and satin ribbon. After dyeing process and printing machine. Single or multi color can be selected. Also can be designed according to the customer's sample.

  • Ribbon Tape - Ribbon
    Ribbon Tape

    A ribbon or riband is a thin band of material, typically cloth, but also plastic or sometimes metal, used primarily as decorative binding and tying. Cloth ribbons are made of natural materials such as silk, velvet, cotton, and jute and of synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. Ribbon is used for innumerable useful, ornamental, and symbolic purposes. Cultures around the world use ribbon in their hair, around the body, and as ornamentation on non-human animals, buildings, and packaging. Some popular fabrics used to make ribbons are satin, organza, sheer, silk, velvet, metallic, plaid and grosgrain.

  • Twill Tape - Twill Tape
    Twill Tape
    Herringbone tape

    The twill tape has a unique herringbone weave, so also be called herringbone tape. The twill tape main purpose is to modify and stabilize the seam. Which can be made of cotton, linen, polyester or wool It is made and has various widths, colors and designs, and its weaving machinery is mostly a needle loom machine.Twill tape has a lot of application, on the outfit part like the string on the hat and pants. Others are mainly decorative use.

  • Hook And Loop Fastener - Hook and Loop
    Hook And Loop Fastener
    Hook and pile fasteners, touch fasteners, velcro tape

    Hook and loop fastener developed by Swiss engineer George de Mestral in 1941. He saw the possibility of binding two materials reversibly in a simple fashion. Make hooks and loops easier to use, and replace the button, zippers, and tapes. Hook and loop fastener does not have the defect of broken strings, jamming, rusting, or falling apart. Depending on which kind will have different functions.Now hook and loop is popular used around the world. They are made of nylon. Usually use at frequently dismantle and combine. Application are electronic industry, medical use, rehab appliance, health care equipment, shoe, clothing industry, bags, sports guard, transportation packing, toys, and household application.

Related Products
  • Bonas Type Needle Loom Machine - KYF Needle Loom Machine
    Bonas Type Needle Loom Machine

    Bonas Type Needle Loom Machine application for various tapes output ranges from 2 to 12 by number of tape and width from min 3mm to max 110mm, the weft density is available from 3.5cm to 36.7cm. To meet customers' need, the same width of the models can be converted each other to different output in number, and the needle loom has quality spare parts to composition, it can be created most economical value used with long durability, and reduces the depreciation rate effectively. Suitable for production with thickness less than 2mm.

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Kyang Yhe (KY) has been offering customers high quality textile machinery since 1964. Both with advanced technology and 56 years of experience, Kyang Yhe (KY) makes sure meet customer's demands are met.

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