Incorporate The KYANG YHE Consultant Team Into Your Business | Maximize Output with Versatile High-Speed Braiding Machines

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Sales Service

Incorporate The KYANG YHE Consultant Team Into Your Business

KYANG YHE can provide a variety of webbings equipment solutions and produce a variety of webbing. It is also an industry benchmark brand in the manufacturing of webbing machine equipment.
Through wide experience in the textile accessories of the webbings and professional expertise in equipment, our team can help your business reach new horizons.

Working together, we can build a comprehensive customized solution for your company. Based on your actual needs after diagnosis and assessment, we will recommend the most suited basic machines, large-scale production lines, front-end/back-end equipment, turnkey project, support services, and recipe consultation.

About Kyang Yhe's Consultation process

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00. Send Inquiry Form

We welcome any ideas from you. Please first fill in a machine model that you are interested in, your planned product, and contact information. You can enter additional messages or questions in the Describe Requirements field. A salesperson will answer all your questions.

01. Customer Service Reply

If you inquire about "Get Machine Quotation", we will confirm the information provided by the customer (tape width, tape thickness, structure, finished product, etc.), provide a preliminary quotation based on the model and function of the loom. Or provide local agent information to speed up service efficiency.

If you inquire about other services, we'll confirm the inquiry content with you by email within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). During this period, please be sure to keep an eye on the contact email address you provided. If you do not receive the mail within this time, check your folders. The letter may be in “spam,” “trash,” “deleted,” or “archived” folders. If any questions, please send an email directly to

02. Clarify Requirements

In order to save you valuable time and understand your future plans, we will arrange professional consultants for further discussions as soon as possible and plan suitable machinery and equipment based on the information you provide. When necessary, customers will be asked to provide samples to the technical department for analysis, or a factory visit will be arranged.

03. Professional Consultant Assistance

Professional consultants will assist customers throughout the entire process of purchasing machinery and equipment, and ensure that the webbings produced meet expectations. During the testing and adjustment phase, technical engineers and R&D personnel will be arranged to solve problems together, according to customer problems.

04. Contract Confirmation

Confirm the complete contents of work and planned delivery time. Once decided, a contract shall be signed to ensure the rights of both parties. Common payment methods in international trade such as T/T and L/C are accepted.

05. Manufacturing And Assembly

Arrangements will be made with our factory to produce your order. The responsible salesperson will keep in touch with you at all times, and you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions during this time.

06. Shipment

KYANG YHE’s machines for shipment are all packaged in patented wooden crates that comply with international product protection standards to avoid damage during delivery.

Shipping arrangements are completely in accordance with the contract with the customer; before delivery, the production and manufacturing technical department will conduct inspections based on the customer's needs and make fine adjustments to ensure the quality of the machine's production.

Sales Service | Innovative Crochet Machines for Detailed Decorative Tapes

Kyang Yhe (KY), established in 1964 in Taiwan, is a premier manufacturer of high-quality textile machinery. Specializing in needle loom machines, narrow fabric jacquard looms, heavy narrow fabric weaving machines, braiding machines, and crochet machines, KY delivers innovative and durable solutions to meet diverse industrial needs. With over 60 years of experience, KY is committed to providing advanced technology and reliable equipment to customers worldwide, ensuring superior production efficiency and quality.

Kyang Yhe (KY)'s industrial textile machines are designed to deliver high-quality knitted products such as elastic tapes, ribbon tapes, safety belts, luggage belts, and hook and loop fasteners. Their textile equipment is productive, high-speed, and easy to operate. The product range includes needle loom machines, weaving machines, label printing machines, weaving loom machines, and more, ensuring efficient and reliable textile production.

Kyang Yhe (KY) has been offering customers high-quality textile machinery since 1964. With advanced technology and 60 years of experience, Kyang Yhe (KY) ensures that customer demands are met effectively.