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  • Home Textiles
    Home Textiles

    Common webbing around home life, such as used as a curtain head, to help curtains hang smoothly on the curtain track; in addition, the side edge of the mattress used in the bedroom is also one of the finished products that can be manufactured by the needle loom. There are a lot of ribbon products around life, such as backpack straps, luggage straps or pet belts can be made with a needle loom machine.For more detailed about ribbons, please click the ribbon product icon below for more information; or contact "Kyang Yhe" through the web form in "Contact Us", and provide ribbon photos and related materials and sizes, To help you resolve your concerns more quickly.

  • Medical Care Textiles
    Medical Care Textiles

    Common webbings in medical care, such as medical gauze bandages and elastic bandages used in wound dressing, can be woven using a needle loom machine or crochet machine. Abdominal support binder is often used as protective gear and are used on the waist to assist back muscle support. To reduce discomfort and pain, and its weaving machinery is a needle loom machine or a crochet machine.Common webbings for medical and health care include mask bands and elastic bands used in protective clothing in addition to medical gauze bandages and elastic bandages. Face mask earloops, as the name implies, are used in masks. Generally, round straps are more common, and they are woven using cord knitting machines. The protective clothing elastic band is woven with a braiding machine and is used for protective clothing hoods, waists, cuffs and ankles to help workers wear comfortably and move easily, and to protect employees from hazards in the workplace.For more detailed about ribbons, please click the ribbon product icon below for more information; or contact "Kyang Yhe" through the web form in "Contact Us", and provide ribbon photos and related materials and sizes, To help you resolve your concerns more quickly.

  • Garment Accessories
    Garment Accessories

    Common weaving belts are widely used in clothing products, such as elastic bands for women's underwear, bra straps, and waistband for men's underwear. According to the organization of the belt, the weaving machine can be a needle loom, a crochet machine, or even a braiding machine. Weaving with a needle loom machine or a crochet machine, the ribbon pattern can be more diversified, either plain or lace or jacquard.The common webbings on clothing products still have trademark belts also known as a logo. The weaving machinery can be called label jacquard looms machines or printed label loom made by various machines. And the zipper tape with chain element and slider material is commonly used in jackets, jeans, etc., and its weaving machinery is a special type of needle loom machine.Common webbings on clothing products also have decorative tapes such as twill tapes, ribbons, ric rac, etc. The twill tape according to the pattern can also be called herringbone tape, mattress tape and fold elastic elastic belt. Common materials such as nylon, polyester and PP use different materials according to the different properties of the webbing. Most of its weaving machinery is needle loom machines. And ribbons can be divided into satin, taffeta, grosgrain, organza, velvet, plaid and metallic ribbon, etc. Most of their weaving machinery are needle loom machines.

  • Industrial Webbings Textiles
    Industrial Webbings Textiles

    About industrial webbings textiles with slow- stretching webbing, safety belts, lifting slings, PE flat ribbon, ratchet straps and reflective tapes. The anti-falling safety belt (full-body safety belt) and shock absorbing lanyard (Tie back lanyard) are used for on-site construction, high-altitude operations and other necessary safety protection tools to disperse the load to avoid partial body injury and ensure personal safety.The sling can also be called a lifting sling. When applied to a hanging operation, the influence of the sling method on the load carrying capacity of the sling must be considered. And when deciding on the type of sling to use, it is necessary to first understand the scope of use of the sling, the nature of the workplace, whether there are chemical agents that adversely affect the strength of the sling, and other factors to avoid the reduction of the load capacity of the sling.The ratchet strap can also be called a lashing strap, tie down strap, winch strap or trailer strap, to ensure that the vehicle loaded with cargo will not slip, fall, roll, etc. under normal use or emergency braking, so as to ensure the safety of passers-by.PE flat ribbon is often used on bulk bag, dumpy bags, tonne bags or jumbo bags. It is a medium-sized bulk container. It can be transported as a unit by crane or forklift. It is convenient to transport bulk powdered materials and has a large volume and light weight, easy to load and unload and other characteristics, is one of the common packaging materials.

  • Automotive Textiles
    Automotive Textiles

    Automotive textiles of tape include seat belts, automobile peripheral accessories and automobile parts covering materials. The common are seat belts, and the manufacturing conditions must comply with safety regulations, including the wear resistance, water resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance of the webbing.And the car accessories, such as the hook and loop fastener for the seat belt sheath, the elastic for fixing the car seat cushion, the PP belt or the hook and loop fastener for the U-shaped pillow and the pet safety belt.

  • Shoelace Textiles
    Shoelace Textiles

    Shoelace textile includes shoe laces and shoe-making accessories. Shoelaces can be divided into round and flat shapes. They can be woven with loom, braided or knitted. According to the requirements, there are printed shoelaces, jacquard shoelaces, and oval anti-loose shoelaces.The oval anti-loose shoelaces and the jacquard can be woven by jacquard loom machine. Sandals are more widely used around shoe materials, according to the customized, the styles can be plain, jacquard, variable (narrow and wide).

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