Curtain Heading Loom And Equipment

Curtain Heading Tape Machine And Production Solutions / Product patent and development technical skills for High Speed Needle Loom Machine, and machine model diversification and high structural stability, and follow customer demand customized.

Curtain heading tape accessories for curtains.

Curtain Heading Loom And Equipment

Curtain Heading Tape Machine And Production Solutions

KY provides complete curtain heading tape production plan and technical consultant. High speed automatic needle loom produces high-quality curtain tape, and with our one-stop service, from warping, weaving to packing equipment to complete your product line.

Curtains heading also known as curtain tapes are a way of customizing and styling blinds and draperies so that the overall width of the fabric is reduced, creating a range of pleats or folds. Pretty average curtains, shades and drapes can get a huge upgrade in style when enhanced with the perfect heading tape. Suitable for use in office, house, study room, living room, or business area. Click below right to fill out the form, KY's consultants will recommend the best production plan and equipment for you!

How It Works

KY Curtain Heading Tape Needle Loom for NDF 2/135

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KY curtain heading tape loom can produce with customer's sample, including width, thickness, material, function and output. Make it easy for you to produce massively by auto control. Meanwhile guarantee the stability and quality.

Curtain Heading Produced By This Machine

This machine can produce many types of curtain heading, include roman blind tapes, pencil pleat, pinch pleat, gather tapes, translucent tapes, café pleats, lining tapes to smock pleats. With different heading styles can significantly change the overall look of the finished curtain and will affect the type of rod or track you can use.

Roman Blind Curtain Heading

Roman blinds create a smooth, streamlined silhouette and provide a classic and contemporary look that houses a pocket for the rod and a guide for the cord. This curtain is most commonly used in kitchens, study rooms, because of its ventilation and easy opening without worrying about getting stuck.

Pinch Pleat Curtain Heading

According to the different folds, it can be further divided into single pleat curtains (New York pleat curtains), double pleat curtains (Dutch pleat curtains), triple pleat curtains (French pleat curtains). Pinch pleat curtain tape of headings extends to pinch pleat curtain tapes, which is a graceful decorative heading for curtains with any type of fabric.

Smock Pleat Curtain Heading

The smock pleat curtain heading offers a prettier and more unusual alternative to pencil pleat curtains. The smock pleat curtain heading offers a prettier and more unusual alternative to pencil pleat curtains. This curtain band also has special pockets with several levels of curtain hooks for more flexible hanging positions, further more, this tape creates a unique and attractive smock pleating result.

Box Pleat Curtain Heading

Box pleat curtain heading that give a very trim and formal appearance. Also known as café pleat header tape, the final pleating result drapes into.

Curtain Lining Heading

Used to attach linings to curtains. Lining protects curtain damage, provides light and sound isolation and adds bulk to the curtaining.

Pencil Pleat Curtain Heading

Pencil pleat curtains are one of the most common types of curtain headings because of their flexibility, the pleats are formed by pulling the strings inside the curtain to achieve the desired width of the curtain. This type of curtain heading tape made from nylon materials.

Blind Ladder Tape

Blind ladder tape also referred to as woven ladder tape, decorative ladder tape, fabric ladder tape, or simply cloth ladder, this product provides an opportunity for differentiation and creativity. Solid color cloth ladders can be used to match the slat color or provide an attractive complement to the slat color.

Eyelet Curtain Heading

Eyelet curtain heading also called grommet. This design is simple, casual and has been popular for a long time, commonly used in modern and minimalist interiors. With grommet heading, you can adjust the width of your curtain easily, moreover, this curtain is very easy to hang, and also very easy to open and close.

For more information about Curtain Heading Loom, including output, maintenance services or factory expansion solution suggestions, please fill in the online form and provide tape photos, tape width and thickness to supply the best service for you.

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