Filament Yarn

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Filament Yarn

Filament Yarn

Yarn can classify to filament and spun yarn, common filament includes a compound yarn, a twisted yarn, and a processed yarn (or textured yarn).

Compound yarn, the core of synthetic long and short fibers is used, and the core wire is coated with natural, artificial long and short fiber as the hard yarn, which can be blended with long and short fibers.

Twisted yarn is an extended elastic fiber or hard yarn, together with one or two different types of hard yarns, can be simultaneously woven and twisted, so that the fabric can have different fiber characteristics at the same time, so that the fabric performs better than a single fiber.

Draw textured yarn is made of POY (polyester pre-oriented yarn) as the original yarn, and is processed by stretching and false twisting. There is often a certain degree of flexibility and contraction. POY is made into DTY (Polyester Draw Textured Yarn).


Nylon, polyester, monofilament, PP yarns, metallic yarns, latex or spandex, silk, etc.

Filament Yarn

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Nylon Yarn - Nylon Yarn
Nylon Yarn

Nylon yarn is also known as polyamide yarn (PA). Nylon yarn includes Nylon 6 yarn (PA6) and Nylon...

Polyester Yarn - Polyester Yarn
Polyester Yarn

Polyester Yarns (PFY) are hugely demanded yarns in the global market made from PET Polyester....

PP Yarn - PP Yarn
PP Yarn

PP yarn is also know as Polypropylene filament yarn. PP yarn is easy to clean, long lasting...

Mono Yarn - Mono Yarn
Mono Yarn

Mono yarn is also know as Monofilament yarn. Mono yarn is a single, continuous strand of synthetic...

TPU Coated Yarn - TPU Coated Yarn
TPU Coated Yarn

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) coated yarn is a new type of fabric eco-friendly material....

Result 1 - 5 of 5

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