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Industrial Webbings Textiles

About industrial webbings textiles with slow- stretching webbing, safety belts, lifting slings, PE flat ribbon, ratchet straps and reflective tapes. The anti-falling safety belt (full-body safety belt) and shock absorbing lanyard (Tie back lanyard) are used for on-site construction, high-altitude operations and other necessary safety protection tools to disperse the load to avoid partial body injury and ensure personal safety.

The sling can also be called a lifting sling. When applied to a hanging operation, the influence of the sling method on the load carrying capacity of the sling must be considered. And when deciding on the type of sling to use, it is necessary to first understand the scope of use of the sling, the nature of the workplace, whether there are chemical agents that adversely affect the strength of the sling, and other factors to avoid the reduction of the load capacity of the sling.

The ratchet strap can also be called a lashing strap, tie down strap, winch strap or trailer strap, to ensure that the vehicle loaded with cargo will not slip, fall, roll, etc. under normal use or emergency braking, so as to ensure the safety of passers-by.

PE flat ribbon is often used on bulk bag, dumpy bags, tonne bags or jumbo bags. It is a medium-sized bulk container. It can be transported as a unit by crane or forklift. It is convenient to transport bulk powdered materials and has a large volume and light weight, easy to load and unload and other characteristics, is one of the common packaging materials.

  • Shock Absorbing Lanyard - Shock Absorbing Lanyard
    Shock Absorbing Lanyard
    Tie back lanyard, backbiter tie lanyard

    Shock absorbing lanyards also called energy absorber, is a specific type of safety lanyard used in conjunction with safety harnesses as a part of a fall arrest system also called fall protection system or personal fall restraint system.Shock absorbing lanyards use the extended length of the nylon rope to disperse the energy of the operator during the fall, and minimize the impact of the operator and the fall arrest system. Effectively absorb the impact force during a fall, prevent serious injuries caused by a fall, and minimize the impact force of both the operator and the fall arrest system. When used for high-altitude operations, it can be used to absorb the force of the fall when falling, and avoid excessive fall impact force causing personal injury.

  • Safety Harness - Safety Harness
    Safety Harness
    Fall arrest harness, full body harness, safety belt

    Safety harness also called fall arrest harness, full body harness or safety belt. A safety harness is a part of fall arrest system. Safety harness prevents the wearer from falling from a height. By wearing the belt or harness the risk of injury from a fall is greatly reduced. The harness serves two purposes, first, distributing fall forces safely across a worker's body in the event of a free fall, and second, providing freedom of movement sufficient to allow the worker to effectively perform his or her job.

  • Lifting Slings - Sling, heavy belt, webbing slings
    Lifting Slings
    Webbing slings, cargo slings, sling belt

    Lifting slings are also called flat webbing slings. The raw materials are made of polyester, nylon and polypropylene (PP yarn). The webbing produced varies in scope of application. When deciding what kind of sling to use, you must first know the scope of the lifting flat sling and the nature of the workplace, and consider the chemical factors that adversely affect the strength of the sling.The elongation rate of the flat belt of nylon raw material is 6~8% under safe load, and the polyester is less than 3%. Usually polyester is used in acidic environment, nylon is used in alkaline environment, and polypropylene has strong resistance to acidity, alkalinity and most chemical conditions.The working temperature range of the sling made of polyester fiber is -40℃~100℃. Under safe load, the elongation is less than 3%, and will return to the original original length after use, and the breaking elongation is 9-12%.

  • Stevedore Strap - Stevedore Strap
    Stevedore Strap

    Stevedore strap is a part of the bulk bag (jumbo bag or FIBC), that attach in some way to sew into a bulk bag to make it more convenient for handling.The raw material of stevedore strap usually uses PE yarn or PP yarn. The PE yarn is less prone to mold, has no effect on the environment of moisture and humidity, and has high abrasion resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance and oxidation resistance, it is not easy to be damaged by shovel or other tools.Stevedore strap can be used in rich colors and are easy to see in bright sunlight or dimly lit places. It is widely used as a consumable for unpacking and unloading large bags of powder and granular materials in plastics, rubber, building materials, medicine, chemical and other fields.

  • Ratchet Straps - Ratchet Straps
    Ratchet Straps
    Lashing straps, tie down strap

    A ratchet strap also called tie down strap or lashing straps in widths of 1, 2, 3, and 4 inches, made from a polyester mesh blend that provides industrial grade strength typically for cargo securement with the use of hardware. Ratchet straps are used to hold down cargo or equipment during transport, to make sure the sometimes extremely heavy cargo does not shift or fall during the move.

  • Reflective Accessories - Reflective strips, reflective webbing, reflective straps
    Reflective Accessories

    Reflective accessories include reflective tape, heat transfer reflective tape, reflective piping, luminous tape, PVC prismatic reflective tape and reflective yarn. It is used for warning purposes, mainly used at night or under low light to improve visibility and increase the safety of the working environment. Reflective accessory application such as reflective vests, raincoats, fire-resistant clothing, road signs, traffic cones, sportswear products, etc.



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