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Industrial Webbings Textiles

About industrial webbings textiles with slow- stretching webbing, safety belts, lifting slings, PE flat ribbon, ratchet straps and reflective tapes.

  • Slow- stretching Webbing - Slow- stretching webbing
    Slow- stretching Webbing
    Tie back lanyard, backbiter tie, safety lanyard, back lanyard, harness lanyard, shock absorbing lanyards

    Slow- stretching Webbing also known as shock absorbing lanyards who are flexible lines with a connector at each end used to connect the anchorage to the body support of a fall protection system. Lanyards should be connected to the back D-ring for fall arrest, located between the shoulder blades and ideally should be anchored above the worker to minimize fall distance. Webbing is an important factor in the durability and safety of the lanyard. You want to ensure that the webbing is strong enough to endure rough use and exposure to sunlight and other elements without tearing or fraying.

  • Safety Belt - Safety Belt
    Safety Belt
    Safety harness, safety belt sling

  • Lifting Slings - Sling, heavy belt, webbing slings
    Lifting Slings
    Webbing slings, cargo slings, sling belt

    Normally slings are made of strong polyester filament. The advantages are with strong strength, durability, anti- oxidation, and UV resistance etc, meanwhile it is smooth, nonconductive, no corrosion. It is widely use on many territories. Slings are getting more and more modernized, technological, globalize. Product often use on Steel factory, oilfield, harbor, machinery, transportation etc. The raw materials used in the bundle/slings produced by our customers are usually made of polyester (industrial polyester yarn) and nylon (nylon) polypropylene (PP yarn). The webbing produced varies in price depending on the scope of application. According to international standards, different colors are used to distinguish different lifting capacity slings. A stripe represents one ton and it is easy to distinguish the lifting capacity of the sling. With 100% polyester material, under safe load, less than 3% elongation, and will return to the original initial length after use, the elongation at break is 9-12%. (Use temperature range -40 degrees - 100 degrees)

  • PE Flat Ribbon - PE Flat Ribbon
    PE Flat Ribbon

    PE will never mildew it will never effect by humidity and water. It has fine ability to resist UV from ageing, and wearable alkali and acid resistance, so it is not easy to harm by other tools. It will easy to distinguish it regardless the sun light or under the shades.

  • Ratchet Straps - Truck straps, winch strap, ratchet strap
    Ratchet Straps
    Lashing straps, tie down strap, trailer strap

    Ratchet straps (also called lashing straps or tie downs) are fasteners used to hold down cargo or equipment during transport. Ratchet straps are made with heavy-duty polyester webbing for extreme durability and little stretch.Ratchet straps are essentially webbing that is outfitted with tie down hardware. This hardware allows the tie down strap to attach to the area surrounding the cargo or equipment, loop over the cargo or equipment, and/or attach to the cargo or equipment.

  • Reflective Tape - Reflective strips, reflective webbing, reflective straps
    Reflective Tape
    Reflective webbing, reflective straps

    Reflective film can stick on non- weaving material and PVC, and able to print on the clothing or other kinds of fabric. Reflective strip can weave on ribbon, elastic tape, cotton, nylon and any other fabric. Reflective material is massively use on clothing, vest, raincoat, jacket, bags, shoes, umbrella, and other accessories, making user safer.



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Kyang Yhe (KY) Industrial Webbings Textiles Introduction

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