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/ Product patent and development technical skills for High Speed Needle Loom Machine, and machine model diversification and high structural stability, and follow customer demand customized.

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Home Textiles

The common webbing around home life, such as used as a curtain head, to help curtains hang smoothly on the curtain track. The side edge of the mattress used in the bedroom is also one of the products can be manufactured by the needle loom. In addition, sofa belts used to support sofa cushions and multi-purpose decorative ribbons are also common belts used around life. The ribbons can be divided into satin, plain weave, rib, snow yarn (net yarn), pile ribbon, lattice ribbon, glitter ribbon, etc. according to the organization and material. The weaving machinery is mostly ribbon loom.

For more detailed about ribbons, please click the ribbon product icon below for more information; or contact "Kyang Yhe" through the online form in "Contact Us", and provide ribbon photos, related materials and sizes of the tape width. To help you resolve your concerns more quickly.

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Curtain Heading Loom And Equipment - Curtain heading tape accessories for curtains.
Curtain Heading Loom And Equipment

Curtains heading also known as curtain tapes are a way of customizing and styling blinds and draperies so that the overall width of the fabric is reduced,...

Mattress Tape Loom And Equipment - Mattress tape accessories for mattress.
Mattress Tape Loom And Equipment

Mattress tape sometimes is called binding tape, closing tape or mattress tape edge. It has a knit or woven construction, a sealed edge and traditionally...

Sofa Belt Loom And Equipment - Sofa with accessories of the elastic webbing.
Sofa Belt Loom And Equipment

The sofa belt is also called the sofa straps. The sofa belt are used to support the sofa cushions, stretch and hold in place on the seat frame, providing...

Ribbon Tape Loom And Equipment - Trimmings ribbon of the gift.
Ribbon Tape Loom And Equipment

A ribbon or riband is a thin band of material, typically cloth, but also plastic or sometimes metal, used primarily as decorative binding and tying. Cloth...

Wide And Narrow Tape Loom And Equipment - Textile accessories for wide and narrow tape.
Wide And Narrow Tape Loom And Equipment

Wide and narrow tape also called gourd webbing, variable webbing or narrow wide webbing. Wide narrow tape is a special ribbon, which has different width...

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Kyang Yhe (KY) industrial textile machines are designed to deliver fine quality textile knitting products such as elastic tapes, ribbon tapes, safety belts, luggage belts, hooks and loops, etc. Their textiles equipment is productive, high speed, easy to operate. It includes needle loom machines, weaving machines, label printing machines, weaving loom machines and more.

Kyang Yhe (KY) has been offering customers high quality textile machinery since 1964. Both with advanced technology and 57 years of experience, Kyang Yhe (KY) makes sure meet customer's demands are met.