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Common webbing around home life, such as used as a curtain head, to help curtains hang smoothly on the curtain track; in addition, the side edge of the mattress used in the bedroom is also one of the finished products that can be manufactured by the needle loom. There are a lot of ribbon products around life, such as backpack straps, luggage straps or pet belts can be made with a needle loom machine.

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  • Curtain Heading - Curtains Tape or curtain heading tape
    Curtain Heading
    Curtain Tape

    Curtains heading also known as curtain tapes are a way of customizing and styling blinds and draperies so that the overall width of the fabric is reduced, creating a range of pleats or folds. Pretty average curtains, drapes or pelmets can get a huge upgrade in style when enhanced with the perfect heading tape. KY machine offers a wide range of curtain header tapes with varying widths to enhance curtains or blinds with perfect effects of pleating, gathering ruffling or stiffening, transforming a room into one of the homes greatest assets.KY needle loom machine offers a wide range of curtain header tapes with varying widths to enhance curtains or blinds with perfect effects of pleating, gathering ruffles or stiffening, transforming a room into one of the home's greatest assets. Make it easy for you to produce massively by auto control. Meanwhile guarantee the stability and quality. Fill in the online form to learn more about Kyang Yhe.

  • Mattress Tape - Mattress Tape
    Mattress Tape
    Mattress binding tape, mattress tape edge

    Mattress tape sometimes is called binding tape, closing tape or mattress tape edge. It has a knit or woven construction, a sealed edge and traditionally is used to close a seam on a bed and also embellish. Include as a decorative border overlay, elaborately embellished mattress handle, logo and brand messenger on point-of-sale items and as super-thick tape-edge.Mattress tapes are offered in an array of widths, colors, designs, textures, constructions and finishes. Such as straight stripes, twills, diamond, chessboards, waves, etc., and even with trademarks. Among them, the twill is more commonly used in the mattress tape, so it is also called the twill tape.

  • Luggage Straps - Luggage Straps
    Luggage Straps
    Luggage belt, suitcase straps, travel straps

    Luggage straps also called luggage belt, suitcase straps or travel straps, is one of the travel accessories, with polypropylene belt and plastic buckle can securely bind one or more suitcases, rolling duffels, and uprights closed, that to make sure your luggage will not fall apart.Luggage straps have various kinds to choose, making your luggage more personality, and distinguished. Color for straps from monochrome to multi color, can use print personalized pattern or weave the logo. The buckle can choose with a combination lock to protect your luggage, even have a label to tag username. Because of the beautiful color and useful, so it is the best partner on the journey.

  • Backpack Straps - Backpack Straps
    Backpack Straps
    Shoulder straps, sternum straps, compression straps

    Backpack straps are usually used in backpacking packs, hiking packs, summit packs (Day packs), climbing packs , mountaineering packs or general backpacks, etc. The application scope of backpack straps is shoulder straps, chest straps (sternum straps), compression straps for backpack side, waist adjustment straps and hand carry straps.The material used is usually polypropylene (PP) or nylon, with a variety of colors. The backpack straps used in hiking packs usually use a single color, and the general backpack shoulder straps can be used in monochrome or jacquard to highlight the characteristics of the backpack.

  • Pet leash - Pet leash
    Pet leash
    Tracking leash, Training leash

    Pet leash also known as a tracking leash or training leash, is divided into pet lead line and pet harnesses. Pet leash is a kind of rope or similar material that can be used to control animals by connecting them to collars, harnesses, or harnesses. In terms of material, the most commonly used tough nylon is less likely to be bitten and torn by pets, and it can also make pets more comfortable to use.In the pet leash, it can be divided into flat belts (pet lead line) or round rope belts (pet lead rope). Pet lead line weave by plain, are usually woven by a needle loom machine, and the cushioning (shock absorbing) function will be set according to the size of the pet. It is commonly used in Large dog traction rope. The pet lead rope weave by round rope, are usually woven by braiding machine, that function is more used for training pets, in order to prevent pets from bursting and restraining them. The color of the chest strap (pet harnesses or collar harness) of the pet is usually consistent with that of the leash.



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