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Garment Accessories

Common weaving belts are widely used in clothing products, such as elastic bands for women's underwear, bra straps, and waistband for men's underwear. According to the organization of the belt, the weaving machine can be a needle loom, a crochet machine, or even a braiding machine. Weaving with a needle loom machine or a crochet machine, the ribbon pattern can be more diversified, either plain or lace or jacquard.

The common webbings on clothing products still have trademark belts also known as a logo. The weaving machinery can be called label jacquard looms machines or printed label loom made by various machines. And the zipper tape with chain element and slider material is commonly used in jackets, jeans, etc., and its weaving machinery is a special type of needle loom machine.

Common webbings on clothing products also have decorative tapes such as twill tapes, ribbons, ric rac, etc. The twill tape according to the pattern can also be called herringbone tape, mattress tape and fold elastic elastic belt. Common materials such as nylon, polyester and PP use different materials according to the different properties of the webbing. Most of its weaving machinery is needle loom machines. And ribbons can be divided into satin, taffeta, grosgrain, organza, velvet, plaid and metallic ribbon, etc. Most of their weaving machinery are needle loom machines.

  • Elasitc Ribbon - Elastic Ribbon
    Elasitc Ribbon

    The elastic ribbon is a flat and narrow fabric with elastic elongation characteristics. Its structure can be plain, double deck, double wrap and jacquard. Elastic ribbon is widely used as clothing, accessories and widely used in clothing, cuffs, Hems, bras, socks, waistbands, corsets, shoe openings, and sports bodyguards and medical bandages, handicrafts, office stationery, industrial supplies, and household items.

  • Woven Label - Woven Label
    Woven Label

    Woven label is a little piece of fabric, produce by continuing as a tape. Each fabric is printed serial number, factory, nationality, specification, the size are depending on the demand.About the label tape divided into jacquard label or printed label. Jacquard label uses high-count, color or non- color yarn, raw silk, nylon, rayon, elastic, chenille yarns as weft yarn, and made by the multi-color jacquard label loom machine. The width range is 8 to 80 mm. And then cut by heat knife with label slitting machine.Printed label is made of high-count yarn, polyester yarn, nylon, or rayon as warp, weaving germinal bands with plain and satin ribbon. After dyeing process and printing machine. Single or multi color can be selected. Also can be designed according to the customer's sample.

  • Zipper Tape - Zipper
    Zipper Tape
    Cremallera,zips,zip fastener,clasp locker

    Zipper also known as zip fastener or "cremallera" is a commonly used device for binding the edges of an opening of fabric or other flexible material, such as on a garment or a bag. Zippers come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Components of the zipper include slider, elements, digit limit, and lock piece. The elements decide the side strength of the zipper. Normally zipper has two tapes, every tape has one element, and two elements cross each other to close the zipper.

  • Ribbon Tape - Ribbon
    Ribbon Tape

    A ribbon or riband is a thin band of material, typically cloth, but also plastic or sometimes metal, used primarily as decorative binding and tying. Cloth ribbons are made of natural materials such as silk, velvet, cotton, and jute and of synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. Ribbon is used for innumerable useful, ornamental, and symbolic purposes. Cultures around the world use ribbon in their hair, around the body, and as ornamentation on non-human animals, buildings, and packaging. Some popular fabrics used to make ribbons are satin, organza, sheer, silk, velvet, metallic, plaid and grosgrain.

  • Twill Tape - Twill Tape
    Twill Tape
    Herringbone tape

    The twill tape has a unique herringbone weave, so also be called herringbone tape. The twill tape main purpose is to modify and stabilize the seam. Which can be made of cotton, linen, polyester or wool It is made and has various widths, colors and designs, and its weaving machinery is mostly a needle loom machine.Twill tape has a lot of application, on the outfit part like the string on the hat and pants. Others are mainly decorative use.

  • Military Belt - Military Belt
    Military Belt
    Army belt, tactical duty belt

    Military belt also known as an army belt or tactical duty belt, are mainly waist accessories. These types of belts utilize webbing and a buckle that typically uses friction for tensioning. The material is usually nylon or PP, which is less likely to be deformed and damaged. Most of the common patterns are plain, and the punching pattern is called S belt. The weaving is mostly a needle loom machine. If need to punch, then need for a punch eyelet machine.



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