Webbing Packing Machine Series

Narrow fabric winding machine / Product patent and development technical skills for High Speed ニードル織機 Machine, and machine 型番 diversification and high structural stability, and follow customer demand customized.

Webbing Packing Machine

Webbing Packing Machine Series

Narrow fabric winding machine

Webbing packing machine suitable all types of webbing to packing, simple distinction the pack ways into box-type and roll-type packing machines. The roller type packing machine including rolls (disc), bobbin (cylinder, spool) and cards, according to customer webbing material, thickness, width and packaging method for selecting the packing machine, achieve good packaging quality and packaging efficiency.


Ribbon, elastic, luggage webbing, heavy webbing, etc.

Webbing Packing Machine Series

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Ribbon Packing Machine - Ribbon Packing Machine
Ribbon Packing Machine

KYT-600 Ribbon Packing Machine use for webbing packing and stacking into boxes. Through fast...

Horizontal Festooning Machine - Horizontal Festooning Machine
Horizontal Festooning Machine

KY-99 Horizontal Packing Machine also known as festooning machine, can adjust packing speed,...

テープ圧延機 - テープ圧延機

KY-515 Ribbon Rolling Packing Machine adopts a clutch motor with simple operation, can take-up...

デュアルユースリボンパッキングマシン - デュアルユースリボンパッキングマシン

KY-518 Dual-use Ribbon Packing Machine the packing types like rolls (disc), bobbin (cylinder,...

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Based in Taiwan, Kyang Yhe Delicate Machine Co., Ltd. is one of the leading Webbing Packing Machine Series | textile machinery manufacturers since 1964.

Kyang Yhe (KY) industrial textile machines are designed to deliver fine quality textile knitting products such as elastic tapes, ribbon tapes, safety belts, luggage belts, hooks and loops, etc. Their textiles equipment is productive, high speed, easy to operate. It includes ニードル織機 machines, weaving machines, label printing machines, weaving loom machines and more.

Kyang Yhe (KY) has been offering customers high quality textile machinery since 1964. Both with advanced technology and 57 years of experience, Kyang Yhe (KY) makes sure meet customer's demands are met.