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Tie Back Lanyard

Slow- stretching webbing
Slow- stretching webbing

Slow- stretching webbing, backbiter tie, back lanyard, shock absorbing lanyards

Tie back lanyard also known as shock absorbing lanyards who are flexible lines with a connector at each end used to connect the anchorage to the body support of a fall protection system. Lanyards should be connected to the back D-ring for fall arrest, located between the shoulder blades and ideally should be anchored above the worker to minimize fall distance. Webbing is an important factor in the durability and safety of the lanyard. You want to ensure that the webbing is strong enough to endure rough use and exposure to sunlight and other elements without tearing or fraying.

Tie back lanyard is application in industrial fall protection systems.

Types Of Slow- stretching Webbing

Tie back lanyard used in webbing are dividing to shock absorbing lanyards, shock absorbing stretch lanyards, double leg lanyards or 100% tie-off lanyards.

  • Shock absorbing lanyards:

Lanyards used for fall protection must include a shock absorber to dissipate the energy of the fall, limiting the forces on the body of the falling worker. Lanyards usually with shock packs.

Kyang Yhe machine model :

KDN SF Electron Frame Needle Loom Machine or KDN MG Medium Pound Needle Loom Machine 

  • Shock absorbing stretch lanyards:

For added flexibility and safety available with an expansion and contraction feature that allows them to be extended when length is needed and the contracted with the movement of the worker to avoid trips, falls and snags. 

  • Double leg lanyards or 100% tie-off lanyards:

The lanyard is used to provide 100% tie-off who allows you to stay protected while you move from one location to another.

How to produce Tie back lanyard with KY Machines

We have a lot of models can provide Tie back lanyard. Suggest models depend on style, function and width of your need. Make it easy for you to produce massively by auto control. Meanwhile guarantee the stability and quality. Fill in the on-line form to learn more about Kyang Yhe.


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