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Hook & Loop

Hook and Loop
Hook and Loop

Hook and loop fastener, hook and pile fasteners, touch fasteners

Hook and Loop developed by Swiss engineer George de Mestral in 1941. He saw the possibility of binding two materials reversibly in a simple fashion. Make hooks and loops easier to use, and replace the button, zippers, and tapes. It does not have the defect of broken string, jamming, rusting, or falling apart. Depending on which kind will have different function.

Now hook and loop is popular used around the world. They are made of nylon. Usually use at frequently dismantle and combine. Application are electronic industry, medical use, rehab appliance, health care equipment, shoe clothing industry, bags, sports guard, transportation packing, toys, and household application.

Types Of Hook And Loop

Hook and loop fastener are dividing to household hook and loop, commercial hook and loop, industrial hook and loop, other processed hook and loop, and special use hook and loop.

  • Normal hook and loop:

Normal hook and loop weaved by nylon to make hook or loop. Connect tightly when touch and separate easily, it is easy to use and durable.

  • Functional hook and loop:

Functional hook and loop are the tape that under special process, making the tape much more durable, soft, beautiful, strong adhesion, anti- mildew, or flame-retardant and so on. The products of Adhesive tape, HA tape, elastic loop, flame- retardant tape, breathable tape, non- brushed tape, soft- hook tape, mushroom hook, A+B side by side tape.

  • Processing hook and loop:

Processing hook and loop roducts like back to back tape, wire/cable strap, welded strap, strap with stitching, anti-slip tapes, fold loop, die cut tape. Application to organize computer cable strap, electric wire, sphygmomanometer and girdle, etc.

  • Plastic hook:

Products like industry application with toy, stationary, apparel, strap, sport, raincoat, etc. Application to toy, stationary, apparel, strap, sport, raincoat, shoes, industrial purpose, etc.

How to buy finished products with Hook and Loop

The finished products of hook and loop to buy, fill in the on-line form with the products detail about hook and loop application, width and quantity.

How to produce Hook and Loop with KY Machines

We have a lot of models can provide Hook and loop. Suggest models depend on style, function and width of your need. Make it easy for you to produce massively by auto control. Meanwhile guarantee the stability and quality. Fill in the on-line form to learn more about Kyang Yhe.

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Kyang Yhe (KY) Hook & Loop Introduction

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